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Finding the Honey

Queen Bee Brooch Ink drawing Work In Progress 2018 by alecia goodman

“Queen Bee Brooch Ink WIP” ©2018 alecia goodman to present

Almost there on this one. I’ve enjoyed working on this beautiful piece, escaping from the craziness of my weekend. What is your escape?


Keep An Eye Out

The preorder link has gone live for Kismet. April Canavan is amazingly talented. I really enjoyed designing the cover art for Kismet. The book captures the reader early and won’t let you go… such a good read. Share and get your copy early. See the link below.

Windblown Beauty

Pencil and white charcoal drawing girl

“Becca”, portrait update 2 ©2016 alecia goodman to present

This drawing is so beautiful. I love the movement in her shirt and the wind blowing her hair around. Look at her hair, just gorgeous. I think she might just be done, hopefully I have been able to really capture her . Media pencil/lead with white charcoal

Inktober Day 19 Creature From The Black Lagoon

Ink drawing creature from the black lagoon

“Inktober Day 19 Creature From The Black Lagoon” ©2016 alecia goodman to present

Want to go swimming? I had to draw this guy out a couple of times. Finally I was just doodling while waiting at the doctor’s office, it clicked. He’s wanting to make a love connection or maybe just make friends. ZIG Millennium 05, and Faber-Castell Pitt artist pen M #inktober2016 #drawlloween2016

Heart Break Charlie, Strong Bond of Family

charcoal dog portrait drawing

“Charlie”, portrait ©2014 alecia goodman to present

Not too long ago I had a blonde haired blue eyed baby boy. We went to a play group at the local hospital here. We met some wonderful moms and dads… making many friends for life. One of these moms, Sarah, let me be part of a super secret Christmas present for her husband. It was a portrait of their fur baby Charlie, a beautiful lab and so sweet too. I finished the portrait and was ready to ship it to her as they had moved, miss them terribly. I was heart broken and sad to find out Charlie wasn’t doing very well at all. As requested I held on to the portrait for an additional week while the family said their good byes. Thank you for letting me create this portrait for you. Media gray paper and charcoal pencil

I submitted this to Illustration Friday for the category of “Strong”. I believe there are strong bonds of family between friends and fur babies.

Looking Below The Surface – Detective IF

painting of wood

Shadows Of Wood ©2010 alecia goodman

I was wondering how many of us really look under the surface to what’s inside; Illustration Friday’s topic this week is “detective”… so I thought about it and thought the obvious things like Sherlock Holmes, magnifying glass etc., but then I thought about what a detective does and bingo I had it. This is something I have been dealing with quite a bit as an artist. People tend to judge books by their covers and this applies to people and even approaches to art or concepts. I know its not easy when someone walks into your life looking like they are poor, homeless, or maybe just common etc. In reality each of us reflect our inner gifts in different ways… Still I do think its funny, the stereotypes of an artist – some people don’t think I am an artist because well I am not weird enough, not covered with ink, have punk hair or anything else they believe I should have… but If you got to know me, by being a detective and looking under the surface, you would be surprised and realize most if not all of those things don’t matter. What matter’s is me, (my art) and yes, I am an artist.

Menagerie 3 Minus 1 & Pain In The Neck – IF “Linked”


Menagerie 3 minus 1 ©2010 alecia goodman

I was wondering what I could post for Illustration Friday’s topic Linked. So I let the word just bounce around in my head all day. And smack, every kind of link imaginable kept coming up ie. braid, quilts, and then it hit me; Family, How much more than that can people be linked? We don’t always like our family, but we will always love them, because we share a link. This is one of my most favorite captured moments of my sister, brother and I by my Dad; there are four of us, but the baby sister hasn’t made her debut just yet.

So my next thought would be to make sure I show her as well… “Pain In The Neck,” and the title is just the tip of the iceberg.


Pain In The Neck ©2010 alecia goodman

All of us are linked through family and I think sometimes everyone needs to remember that. I just think back to when we were all at home together and a lot of those memories do make me laugh.  And if you really try to think about “Linked”  I even started wondering about the missing link or a skeleton…. but I am glad I chose the drawing or drawings I did, because they mean alot to me and to my family.


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