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Don’t Give Me Those Puppy Dog Eyes.

I love the expression on Cole’s face. He is just so sweet… reminds me of a lap dog or puppy, though he is really pretty big dog. I have started working in the shadows and highlights. Its a bit tricky to figure out some of the texture. Soon I should be able to start working in some of the background to give his position more context.

dog drawing update

“Cole”, portrait update 3 ©2013 alecia goodman to present

“Cole”, portrait update 4 ©2013 alecia goodman to present

“Cole”, portrait update 4 ©2013 alecia goodman to present


To Infinity & Beyond

I worked on a beautiful wedding campaign in July. My brief: The number 8 or the infinity symbol was very important to them. Simple, modern yet traditional. Paper was chosen first an ivory. I built the design from these specs and content provided by the client.

Wedding Invitation

Sheli Sturgeon & Steve Lawyer Wedding Invitation ©2012 alecia goodman to present

Moving Ahead – Finding Grace (IF)

Finding Grace ©2010 alecia goodman

Illustration Friday’s word this week is “Ahead”…. I thought about this and almost went with the literal interpretation, A – Head which would apply to all portraits. Then I thought about it a little differently, what does it mean to me right now in this very moment. To me it means progress, moving forward. Many times I feel like I get stuck, working so hard to move forward. The art work above shows my progress towards completion, my moving “Ahead”.

Looking Below The Surface – Detective IF

painting of wood

Shadows Of Wood ©2010 alecia goodman

I was wondering how many of us really look under the surface to what’s inside; Illustration Friday’s topic this week is “detective”… so I thought about it and thought the obvious things like Sherlock Holmes, magnifying glass etc., but then I thought about what a detective does and bingo I had it. This is something I have been dealing with quite a bit as an artist. People tend to judge books by their covers and this applies to people and even approaches to art or concepts. I know its not easy when someone walks into your life looking like they are poor, homeless, or maybe just common etc. In reality each of us reflect our inner gifts in different ways… Still I do think its funny, the stereotypes of an artist – some people don’t think I am an artist because well I am not weird enough, not covered with ink, have punk hair or anything else they believe I should have… but If you got to know me, by being a detective and looking under the surface, you would be surprised and realize most if not all of those things don’t matter. What matter’s is me, (my art) and yes, I am an artist.

Menagerie 3 Minus 1 & Pain In The Neck – IF “Linked”


Menagerie 3 minus 1 ©2010 alecia goodman

I was wondering what I could post for Illustration Friday’s topic Linked. So I let the word just bounce around in my head all day. And smack, every kind of link imaginable kept coming up ie. braid, quilts, and then it hit me; Family, How much more than that can people be linked? We don’t always like our family, but we will always love them, because we share a link. This is one of my most favorite captured moments of my sister, brother and I by my Dad; there are four of us, but the baby sister hasn’t made her debut just yet.

So my next thought would be to make sure I show her as well… “Pain In The Neck,” and the title is just the tip of the iceberg.


Pain In The Neck ©2010 alecia goodman

All of us are linked through family and I think sometimes everyone needs to remember that. I just think back to when we were all at home together and a lot of those memories do make me laugh.  And if you really try to think about “Linked”  I even started wondering about the missing link or a skeleton…. but I am glad I chose the drawing or drawings I did, because they mean alot to me and to my family.


Validation is short film that I watched not too long ago in a staff meeting where I used to work. I love the deeper meaning and the idea…

Validation – Short Film (16 min)

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