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Beware The Storm Inside

Inktober Day 17 Storm with woman face in clouds raining by alecia goodman 2020 to present
“Inktober Day 17 Storm” ©2020 alecia goodman to present

Still running to catch up. Inktober Day 17’s prompt is Storm. Emotions run deep especially for empaths and sensitive personalities. She may appear weak and docile, beware the storm just under the service. If pushed too much it will escape. #Inktober2020 #Inktober #storm #woman #rain #clouds #face #ink #drawing #aleciagoodman

Go Where No One Has Gone Before

Inktober Day 16 Rocket taking off ink drawing alecia goodman 2020 to present
“Inktober Day 16 Rocket” ©2020 alecia goodman to present

Just finished Day 16 Rocket for Inktober. I tried to go more towards a fat bodied rocket, not the typical long sleek aerodynamic looking ships. I think the idea turned out cute. Later on I want to revisit this idea to render some shading on the ship and space around it. #Inktober2020 #Inktober #rocket #drawing #space #clouds #burn #planets #stars #moon #ignition #ink #aleciagoodman

Living on the Edge

Inktober Day 15 Outpost ink drawing of whimsical house on an impossible rock by alecia goodman 2020 to present
“Inktober Day 15 Outpost” ©2020 alecia goodman to present

Outpost is Inktober’s day 15 prompt. Throwing a bit of whimsy and magic together with architecture and a impossible location. I’d be interested in meeting who lives here and hopefully they’re the one who came up with the design too. Is there a special place you’d want to build your house? #inktober2020 #Inktober #outpost #whimsical #cliff #ink #drawing #art #home #house

Sending Up a Prayer

Inktober Day 14 Armor ink drawing of female knight and dragon by alecia goodman copyright 2020 present
“Inktober Day 14 Armor” ©2020 alecia goodman to present

Still going…here’s Inktober Day 14 Armor. Dragons are always a favorite in our house. I liked the contrast between an oversized fire-breathing reptile and a soft female. I love this concept, but will need to revisit at some point. There are quite a few things that need to be fixed. #Inktober2020 #Inktober #armor #dragon #knight #female #woman #sword #drawing #aleciagoodman

Camel Named … Sandy?

Inktober Day 13 Dune ink drawing of a camel and sand alecia goodman 2020 to present
“Inktober Day 13 Dune” ©2020 alecia goodman to present

Inktober Day 13 is Dune. I’m pretty far back, but still plan on catching up. I wondered about how to approach this one. For some reason I kept thinking about a picture of a camel that was sent to me quite a while ago from a zoo trip. Thinking about it I came up with this cutie. #Inktober2020 #Inktober #drawing #dune #camel #desert #sand #fur

Slippery When Wet

Inktober Day 12 Slippery ink drawing wet tile drain and bare feet alecia goodman to present
“Inktober Day 12 Slippery” ©2020 alecia goodman to present

Day 12 is Slippery. I remember the old locker room that we used when I was on the swim team. It was really old and I imagine it’s been updated or replaced now. Thinking back though it was really slippery. #slippery #inktober2020 #ink #drawing #feet #tile #drain

Disgust in the Eye of the Beholder

Inktober Day 11 Disgusting ink drawing of hand holding a cigarette by alecia goodman 2020 to present
“Inktober Day 11 Disgusting” ©2020 alecia goodman to present

Day 11s prompt is Disgusting. This one really is in the eye of the beholder, its based on opinion. Just because I don’t like something doesn’t mean everyone else will agree. Right now everyone needs to remember it’s okay to agree to disagree. Its part of what makes us unique as individuals with different personalities. #Inktober2020 #hand #cigarette #disgusting #smoke #woman #ink #drawing

Sparking Hope

Inktober Day 10 Hope ink drawing of woman holding sparkler by alecia goodman 2020 to present
“Inktober Day 10 Hope” ©2020 alecia goodman to present

Day 10s prompt was Hope. Right now a lot of us are in the dark, nervous about the future. If you can give a spark, a light in the dark…remember everyone can use some kindness. #Inktober2020 #Inktober #hope #woman #sparkler #spark #kindness #ink #inkdrawing #art

The Colors of Memories

Inktober Day 9 Throw afghan ink drawing alecia goodman 2020 to present
“Inktober Day 9 Throw” ©2020 alecia goodman to present

Throw, I have crocheted since I was 7 years old (at least my mom tried teaching me) and I taught a dear friend how to crochet. Sadly Jaime passed away and I’ve been using her yarn to make a scrap afghan. It’s extremely colorful much like her spirit. She had an incredible knack for color and mixing patterns. I miss her so much, but looking at the afghan makes me smile and think of my beautiful friend. #throw #inktober2020 #crochet #afghan #Inktober #color #library

Baring Teeth

Inktober Day 8 Teeth zipper ink drawing alecia goodman 2020 to present
“Inktober Day 8 Teeth” ©2020 alecia goodman to present

Inktober Day 8 prompt is Teeth. The tooth fairy has been visiting our house a lot lately. So I almost went with the obvious, a mouth. I wanted to take it further. A zipper has teeth. It really plays with the contrasts of shadows on materials and especially on jeans. What would you draw for teeth? #inktober2020 #teeth #ink #drawing #zipper #jeans

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