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Validation is short film that I watched not too long ago in a staff meeting where I used to work. I love the deeper meaning and the idea…

Validation – Short Film (16 min)

“Fleeting” Illustration Friday

For Illustration Friday,  (for additional work view my portfolio)

Orchids Drawing
Flowers only last so long; Orchids are delicate and difficult to care for – A Fleeting Memory

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Finding my path


My goals for this week were simple… Talk with an illustrator rep and submit to Illustration Friday for the topic “Fleeting” . I spoke with Suzanne Craig of Suzanne Craig Represents, Inc. who has been representing illustrators for quite a long time. Our conversation lasted about 40 minutes and it was overflowing with information. I could not get a word in, which was a good thing too. She answered my questions without me asking them. How do you get a rep? At this point until you build a reputation in your home community, you are not ready for representation. Disappointing, yes… but she told me how to start, ideas of contacting the person locally who is in charge of festivals. Suzanne gave me homework to do, a lot of homework. I know that at this time I don’t have a set style (more likely something picked up from my graphic design, your client directs your style and its different for almost every project.). So I need to research markets, genres, and start determining what I want to build my portfolio to market too. Start looking at magazines, books (find the genre that works for me), and figure out what I want to do. That sometimes you have to do illustration for possibly printings of your work, not money. She was wonderful to talk too and I am grateful that she shared so much knowledge with me.


Well its been a couple of days… Trying to put everything together and understanding what I am doing is overwhelming to say the least; I have so many questions, unknowns. Tina a graphic designer I used to work with suggested I speak with a friend of hers who is an illustrator. I have talked with a local Illustrator Scott Dawson. It was so nice to be able to talk with someone who has already been there for about 20 years. He shared experiences on what the job is like and the process he went through to be where he is today. Have to admit I was nervous calling him, but Scott made it easy for me to ask questions and I soon felt like I was talking to someone I had already known for a while.

I also talked with my mom about ideas for a spec book… a friend of mine, Megan shared with me the idea of a spec book. That way I can show prospects how I can illustrate a book. Such a great idea! I have ideas, but nothing is fluid yet. Wish me luck…

I keep getting such good advice from friends and family. I think everything is connected. Both Megan and Tina have helped me get the ball rolling, I am truly grateful to their help and Scott’s too.


I am starting another illustration for Illustration Friday today…. and working on my spec book. I think I have a fairly good idea for a children’s book about comparisons. Limited words, but very visual. So we’ll see. I am still working on so many things, everyone thinks you have so much free time when your so-called unemployed, but just trying to set things up seems to take a while. I also want to make sure that I help and carry part of the load at home too. I am still so nervous, but I think things are going pretty well. Everything I have read or people I have talked with claim that you never really know what you are doing, its made up as you go along. Really I am excited about so much; I am trying so hard not to overwhelm myself. I keep focusing on 1 or 2 goals so I don’t take on too much and end up with nothing done in the end or get gloomy because I am not accomplishing everything too. So this week it will be working on an illustration and the spec book (which I hope to move into rough comps). To new beginnings! may they grow……….


Day 1

Making the scary jump to a new career, wasn’t exactly my idea since I was laid off. Looking at all my options and talking with friends and family, I realized what I wanted to do; inspiration to make a go of it on my own.  But I think its given me the push I needed to try. Sometimes I wonder if anyone has been this nervous or scared venturing out on their own. I know I have to keep going… Like Penelope Dullaghan in her How I Became an Illustrator, ” A ship in a harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for”. I have been reading the how tos and preparing to go to seminars; how to run a business etc. Making plans trying to see what could be or needs to be. Its a little scary THE LEAP, unsure of where you are going.

I jumped!

Alecia Goodman

Alecia Goodman


Hi there, I am Alecia Goodman, a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and artist. I have been inspired to run my own show.  Check out my new portfolio website (click on my name or see links to the right of the page).

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