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Did It Again, Another CAL

So I participated in the Too Yarn Cute Crochet A long in the fall of 2015. I tried to make them as gifts for Christmas. Both of my kids claimed the hats they modeled of course, but the infinity scarf was made especially for my sister-in-law. What do you think of my color choices?





coffee ink drawing

Illustration Friday Spin ©2015 alecia goodman to present

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is “Spin”. Recently I participated in a Winter Exchange and my giftee proposed the idea of coffee art as something I could do. I hadn’t done one before so I created this coffee art, a spin on coffee paintings. This was done in sepia ink on white Canson Tientes pastel paper. I was nervous about this one since its not your typical coffee paintings but I think my giftee liked it.

Mystery Beanie CAL

Not too long ago I participated in a mystery crochet a long from Ashley’s Design Corner, pattern later revealed as the Ashley Beanie. The CAL lasted for 3 days, and only part of the pattern was released each day. I was surprised at how fast I was able to work up the beanies. They turned out amazing. I created two adults and one toddler/kid size beanies. I love the texture and how colors really pop. I used Red Heart Unforgettable, Mosaic, and a special yarn I found in my stash.

River Beanie

crochet beanie

River Beanie ©2015 alecia goodman to present pattern by Crafty Ridge

crochet beanie

River Beanie ©2015 alecia goodman to present pattern by Crafty Ridge

I recently tested this pattern from Crafty Ridge, River Beanie. It works up really quickly. My son immediately decided it was a keeper and wouldn’t give it back. I used I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby. Its a beautiful pattern and I was honored that my name suggestion was chosen. There is also a sale on this pattern for a limited time.


Not Knitting… CAL #3

Purl Illusions Slouch

Purl Illusions Slouch ©2015 alecia goodman to present pattern by A Crocheted Simplicity


I participated in another CAL last fall through  A Crocheted Simplicity‘s event. I picked two gorgeous patterns to do, but ran out of time and only completed one. The Purl Illusions Slouch, I used Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable in Polo… it is gorgeous. Don’t be afraid of Unforgettable, it is froggable as long as you take your time and go slowly. Luckily I didn’t have an issue and didn’t have to frog or rip out. Its a beautiful yarn and this is possibly my favorite colorway of Unforgettable.

This is a beautiful hat, the pattern is really easy to follow though the finished hat looks extremely complicated it really isn’t. I’m looking forward to making more of these. I am wondering how it would look using some Knit Picks Chroma.


Baby Steps My Very 1st CAL

Lately I’ve been dabbling in CALs, or Crochet-A-Longs and have really been enjoying color. My very first was of the Chevrons Slouch by Sincerely Pam. I didn’t want to do the traditional change of colors and had a skein of Red Heart Unforgettable in Stained Glass. It turned out gorgeous and the color changes in the skein really highlighted the chevrons.

Jack Skellington, Batman And Even Star Wars — Loving it!

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I recently participated in a secret book exchange. Not only did you have to get your giftee a book, but you also had to create or buy a bookmark. My kids were able to participate too and had other kids to exchange with. It was a lot of fun. We created our bookmarks, drawing 1 each for our 3 giftees (a total of 9).

We chose the Nightmare Before Christmas for 1, a Batman reading set/activity book for 1, and an adult Coloring book/with reading books for the last. So we ran with those themes/ideas for the bookmarks. I am in awe of my 5 year old’s drawings and my 2 year old covered both herself and the paper in marker. My kids’ bookmarks were amazing and creative. I was able to play more with ink and sakura pens on special paper (Mi Tientes).

For finishing we laminated our bookmarks with contact paper which believe it or not is relatively easy. Though I wouldn’t recommend letting kids help with that part.


A Midwinter’s Swirl

crochet hat

“A Midwinter’s Swirl Hat” pattern by Salter’s Stitches ©2016 alecia goodman to present

I tested this gorgeous hat for Salter’s Stitches, “A Midwinter’s Swirl Hat”. And I was honored that she chose the name I suggested too. Its her 30th pattern release. Of course my daughter would only wear it if pink is involved. The hat is unique, very warm and versatile… can be made for any age.

To see more of her wonderful designs and creations check out her blog.

Super Secret Project… Santa

gnome drawing

“Gnome” Drawing Final Black & White ©2015 alecia goodman to present

I also participated in a special ornament exchange and wanted to share this super secret project. I was able to work up the cutest little drawing of a gnome, again in ink. I was really excited at how well he came out. Size was very small, 4″ x 6″. I made the Victoria Christmas Stocking in red and green Simply Soft Caron for my giftee, pattern by Sincerely Pam.

Victorian Christmas Stocking

The Victoria Christmas Stocking, pattern by Sincerely Pam ©2015 alecia goodman to present

Dexter Book

This is really cool.


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