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Jack Skellington, Batman And Even Star Wars — Loving it!

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I recently participated in a secret book exchange. Not only did you have to get your giftee a book, but you also had to create or buy a bookmark. My kids were able to participate too and had other kids to exchange with. It was a lot of fun. We created our bookmarks, drawing 1 each for our 3 giftees (a total of 9).

We chose the Nightmare Before Christmas for 1, a Batman reading set/activity book for 1, and an adult Coloring book/with reading books for the last. So we ran with those themes/ideas for the bookmarks. I am in awe of my 5 year old’s drawings and my 2 year old covered both herself and the paper in marker. My kids’ bookmarks were amazing and creative. I was able to play more with ink and sakura pens on special paper (Mi Tientes).

For finishing we laminated our bookmarks with contact paper which believe it or not is relatively easy. Though I wouldn’t recommend letting kids help with that part.



All about the “G”

Recently I participated in an gift exchange. My giftee, has a special area of her home called her g spot. The wall has many different Gs. This is what I created specifically for her. I plan on making more for my own home and for my family too.

G zentangle

G Zentangle Design Final Black & White ©2015 alecia goodman to present

Coloring Like an Adult

Has everyone been following the recent trend of adult coloring books. One of the most popular is The Enchanted Forest, Johanna Basford. Another popular artist is Dawn Nicole or another artist Selina Fenech.

Its incredibly relaxing for most people. Recently I tried my hand at making a custom coloring page. It’s like typography meets zen tangles. I really liked how it turned out. I am currently working on 3 more.

"Tasha" Custom Name Coloring Page Design Final Black & White ©2015 alecia goodman to present

“Tasha” Custom Name Coloring Page Design Final Black & White ©2015 alecia goodman to present


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