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Almost There…The Sistine Chapel

As I get closer on this portrait to the finish, I keep thinking, I wonder how Michelangelo felt as he tackled the Sistine Chapel. My current portrait is an 11″ x 14″ pastel drawing (no where near the level of difficulty or scope of Michelangelo, a master). His canvas was a ceiling of an entire chapel (take a virtual tour). I just imagine his relief and wonder at what he was able to accomplish. It would be interesting to ask him questions at the beginning, middle and the end… how much would those answers of changed. Just a thought.

Here is my update of Zeus. He is coming together beautifully. I am still tackling his wrinkles, so much detail in blacks and grays. Its a challenge and yes, at times I get a bit nervous (am I doing it right?)… I think the end results will speak for themselves. Hoping to deliver by Wednesday of next week.

blog board boxer drawing

Zeus update 1-11-12 ©2012 alecia goodman to present

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