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Work in Progress

Girl sketch breezy hair

“Catching The Breeze” Work In Progress ©2017 alecia goodman to present

What do you think? Finally sketching again. Have been really busy. I have some drawings to post here very soon.

Testing, Testing… Imp

crochet slouch

Hermosa Slouch ©2016 alecia goodman to present pattern by Laura Mae’s Crochet,

crochet cowl

Hermosa Cowl and Scarf ©2016 alecia goodman to present pattern by Laura Mae’s Crochet,

So finally get to post again. I have been really busy trying to get caught up sonce my surgery. My not napping toddler has been testing me too… hence the title. I tested this gorgeous slouch, the Hermosa Slouch and the Hermosa Cowl and Scarf from Laura Maes Crochet. I loved how the contrasting colors really make the pattern pop. Even Stormy Mo approved.

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