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Do Dogs Smile?

Some people think they don’t. This handsome dog named Rootbeer proves them wrong. He was gifted over Thanksgiving, so now I can share. #pastels, #painting, #drawing, #portrait, #dog, #smile, #english bulldog, #texture, #aleciagoodman, #art, #pencil

English bulldog smiling pastel portrait by alecia goodman copyright 2022
“Rootbeer,” Final portrait ©2022 alecia goodman to present

Bigger Bucket?

Inktober drooling day 6 ink drawing by Alecia Goodman 2018

“Inktober Day 6 Drooling” ©2018 alecia goodman to present

A day late, trying to play catch up. My inlaws are busy right now training their new puppies. I liked the idea of mixing it up with a big dog, little person… because sometimes the job of caregiver can be overwhelming. Maybe a little gross, but I love how it turned out. What do you think? #InktoberDay6 #Inktober #Drooling

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