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Am I there yet?

I had a number of comments that the negative space was too much due to the way Dakota was laying. The customer had some concerns too. So here is the latest update, hoping I have hit the mark. I didn’t want to include too much and kept it monochrome so the colors would not take away from Dakota.

drawing dog portrait

"Dakota", portrait update ©2012 alecia goodman to present

Coming to Life

It always starts with a blank page and then an idea. Always a bit sketchy at first you never know where the drawing will lead you or what you will learn. It is always a challenge, and I welcome that. It keeps things exciting. I am sure when Frankenstein came to life the Doctor was amazed, possibly a little shocked. I am always amazed at what other artists create and more often than not what I can create with just a pencil or a pastel.

Here is my latest update of Dakota… she really is coming to life. Hoping the client is happy with its direction too. I am trying to keep it from going to white since she is somewhat white, but also touched with champagne coloring. I know its not quite right just yet. Hoping my next update sheds some light on the colors.

dog drawing portrait

"Dakota", portrait update ©2012 alecia goodman to present

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