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Inktober Ship

Inktober Day 25 Ship ink drawing 2017 by alecia goodman

“Inktober Day 25 Ship” ©2017 alecia goodman to present

Inktober Day 25, “Ship”. I love the 2 tone quality of this one and the idea. My son says it reminds him of Wondla a book series by Tony Diterlizzi. Would you trust steampunk machines for traveling? #Inktober2017 #drawlloween2017 #octobersketch2017

Planes, Trains, Automobiles…?

Flying fish trip WIP sketch

“A Special Trip” Work In Progress ©2017 alecia goodman to present

When you think of traveling, what do you think of? A train, a car, or maybe a Plane. What if instead you were towed through the air by a fish? I’m looking forward to playing with the fins on this one. I need an art day to finish these sketches up.

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