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Spiraling Dizzy

Inktober Day 19 Dizzy ink drawing spiral staircase by alecia goodman 2020 to present
“Inktober Day 19 Dizzy” ©2020 alecia goodman to present

Still behind, going to keep drawing and finish a bit into November. The weather has been wreaking havoc with pressure changes. Sadly I’ve been struggling with headaches and balancing my responsibilities. Maybe next year I can stay more on top of Inktober. Anyways, do you get dizzy with heights issues? #inktober2020 #Inktober #dizzy #drawing #ink #stairs #spiralstairs


Natural Tread

Ink drawing of Staircase ruins in nature by Alecia Goodman

“Inktober Day 20 Tread” ©2019 alecia goodman to present

Nature is slowly reclaiming this piece of architecture and some day it will crumble completely. The ruins seem to have their own story to tell. Tread lightly and don’t disturb the ghosts of the past. #Inktober #Inktober2019 #tread #stairs #staircase #ruins #nature #ink #drawing

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