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Sunny Blade

Blade, typically a flat cutting edge of a knife, saw or other tool or weapon. I wanted to think about this one differently. Not too long ago a neighbor friend mowed their lawn and one of their kids went playing barefoot. Did you know cut grass is sharp and can cut you? With that idea and this guy who was hanging out on my deck I knew what to draw … Grasshopper and blades of grass. What kind of twist would you think of? #Inktober, #inktober2020 #ink, #insect, #blade, #grasshopper, #drawing

Inktober Day 5 Blade grasshopper ink drawing by alecia goodman 2020 to present
“Inktober Day 5 Blade” ©2020 alecia goodman to present

Bee Comb

Bee with honeycomb ink drawing by a

“Inktober Day 10 Pattern” ©2019 alecia goodman to present

What’s in a pattern? Repeats of similar shapes especially in fabric and wallpapers. Nature does have patterns too. They are bold and beautiful though at times fragile like the existence of the bees. #Inktober #Inktober2019 #pattern #bee #honeycomb #nature

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