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Gargoyle, Day 8 Inktober

Inktober Day 8 Gargoyle ink drawing

“Inktober Day 8 Gargoyle” ©2017 alecia goodman to present

Day 8 Inktober Gargoyle… One of my favorite things to photograph is gargoyles and architecture especially when I visited England. Also drew inspiration from Froud, think Labyrinth… “The Knockers.”  What do gargoyles make you think of? #inktober2017 #drawlloween2017 #octobersketch2017

Goblin Kiss Inktober Day 4

#Inktober ink drawing

“Inktober Day 4: Goblin Kiss” ©2016 alecia goodman to present

Posting from my phone this evening. We were hit hard by a storm earlier and have had no power.

This drawing for Inktober is prompted by “Goblin.” It was inspired by Froud, I have loved his work for quite some time. After drawing this is am tempted to write a back story to go with it. What do you think is happening or already happened?

Illustration Friday is Kiss… this drawing represents both Goblin and Kiss.

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