Quick Rip & Creature Comforts

Inktober Day 23 Ripped jeans with hand holding coffee mug ink drawing by alecia goodman 2020 to present
“Inktober Day 23 Rip” ©2020 alecia goodman to present

Inktober Day 23 Rip, too many ideas for this one. Humans in general are creatures of habit and tend to crave or seek what feels good. Personally I love comfortable clothes and a hot cup of tea (not everyone’s bag I know). The only things missing are a good book and bare feet next to a fire. Still going…I will finish, just been a rough month. #Inktober2020 #Inktober #rip #cup #mug #coffee #rippedjeans #art #drawing #ink #aleciagoodman #migraines


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